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Im 15* i Attend cienega as a sophmore* My favorite color is pink* i have blonde hair, black underneath* blue eyes* 5'2* Im currently single, but looking for a SERIOUS relation ship* big sense of humor* love to laugh*
Weaknesses: sexy guys* hip bones* nice stomachs* nice eyes* chocolate* jake roseman & Andy Dickerson & Ronnie Stanage ((gosh they are so hott))
Weapons: bitcy looks* mood swings* attitude* Lets just face it, I am a bitch =)
Interests: degrassi* piercings* gay guys* boys kissing* hip bones* stomachs* laughing* taking pictures* being with friends* sour punches* blink 182* a static lullaby* kissing* love* music* livejournal* my cell phone*

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Blink 182 is Obsession.
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Tom is Crazy yummy Sex.
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Mark Hoppus is Sexy.
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Travis is in your Dreams.
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Guitars is love sex

Photography is Love!

Chris is sexy emo love <3

My underwear is all kinds of groovy love

Benji Madden is GC Love.
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Sum41 is Infected Love.
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New Found Glory is Collision Love.
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Greenday is Hot green Love.
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Good Charlotte is Young & Hopeless Love.
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Sublime is Deep Love.
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Johnny Knoxville is Dangerous Love.
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MxPx is Punk Rawk Love.
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7th Heaven is Love. started out with 7.
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Yellowcard, you know you love them.
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Mest up Love.
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Taking Back Sunday is the Love.
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